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Life rings®by Phillipe CURTIL® , English translation

As by magic the Life rings ( necklaces based on Georges Lakhovsky invention) will re-balance you on the energetic level, they will protect you against the electro-magnetic fields of all natures and will ease your pains and more than that, they are doing their beneficial actions for almost one century !

Life rings are ideal for electro-magnetic sensible persons.

Health through waves and the oscillating rings of Georges Lakhovsky is an ideal gift to do to adults and children alike. Powerful nathuropathy system, the oscillating rings of Georges Lakhovsky are the reference since the years 1920 in the well-being field. They create around the body an electromagnetic field which works as a filter for the waves coming to you by absorbing their excesses, be it ionisating or no-ionization rays. The rings help to fight against stress, to stimulate the metabolism, to ease the pains, to ameliorate the quality of sleep, to enhance concentration and work capacity as well as athletic performances .. Life rings potentialise the effects of the work of the therapist.

These rings carry a task of protection and regulation of the cosmic waves, the telluric and waves all around you, and also the waves attach to industrial electromagnetic pollutions ( mobile phones, Wifi, high tension electrical lines, and in part against radioactive rays).

Our life rings are the result of a deep research which permit us to realize with rigor a new model very efficient in the spirit of Georges Lakhovsky who is the father of the resonance therapy, To achieve this new model we use a GVD camera which is a system of bio-electrography Kirlian. This Kirlian camera linked to a computer measures the biological fields of human beings. So if you wish you can take an appointment in our laboratory in order to test and to verify directly on you the effects of our Life rings and then if you wish you can choose a ring , a belt or a bracelet.

These Life rings are exclusively manufactured in our laboratory and they are protected by the industrial copy rights ( 2010).


You are going to purchase or you already own a Life ring: please be patient because the positive effects are manifested with a different speed from one person to the other, because its action is depending on the geological nature of the ground where you live, your type of house and the resistance of your organism.

The Life ring will without a doubt accomplish its energetical re-balance in you with one recommendation: to wear it permanently, nights and days for the people in great difficulty.

For anyone else you can wear the ring on a one-off basis, a few hours a day, depending on your needs and environment : you can wear the ring at your office if you are working in front of a computer, or if you use permanently your mobile phone, or to potentialise the work of your therapist or simply to feel yourself in a better form.

Remember you have to take into account the electromagnetic effect of the moon : by full moon the efficiency of the ring is reduce to about 20 % and is at 100% at the new moon. So it is up to you to wear your ring during a longer time or to wear two or more rings at the same time at full moon if the need arises. With the experience of wearing the ring you will feel when it is enough. There is NO NEGATIVE effect if you wear the ring too long, except you will feel tired by too much energy!

Technical characteristics:

Our Life rings are true to the ones produced by Georges Lakhovsky in the 1930: they are open oscillating circuits, closed by a capacity. Our rings functioning are measured by the gripdip which is a universal device to control circuits and high frequency apparatus.

According to their models and sizes, our rings are oscillating in a frequency range between 108, 112 , 170, 190, 200 and 250MHz.

The rings were optimized with the help of an electronic expert called Mr Jacques Roll.

A wish for you:

I wish this system to be as beneficial to you as it was, and as it is for everybody during now almost one century, including our animal friends and without forgetting the plants such as flowers, trees….

You can find all the discoveries of this great physicist and biologist Georges Lakhovsky on internet and exposed in his numerous books such as “Le secret de la vie “ (The secret of life), L’oscillation cellulaire (The cell oscillation) La science et le bonheur (Science and happiness).

How to buy a Life ring?

You will win a high efficiency tool for a small amount of money: 60 euros for a ring or 50 euros for a bracelet (but you have to buy two at a time because you have to wear one on each wrist to keep the balance in your body).

You can pay with: pay-pal, CB card or cheque to the order of Philippe & Agnès Curtil,

Biography of Philippe Curtil.

Philippe Curtil is a consultant and the conceptor of the Life rings:

He is trained :

* in the treatments by pulsed magnetic fields and the theory of the cell oscillation by JM Danze,

* in the method of diagnostics of human biological energy fields,

* in the use of the GDV bioelectrography (Kirlian camera),

* in the Mill therapy (quantic therapy),

* in the art of Shiatsu and in accupuncture,

* in the Lecher antenna and in geo-biology,

* in the holistic chakras therapy and in osteopathy,

* in FengShui, oligotherapy, Reiki,

* in the water system of M.Violet.

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